Memorializing and Organizing

March 9, 2017

Artwork by Sergey Turzhanskiy

One month ago, Quanice Hayes was murdered by the Portland Police Bureau.

We, as a group of white people organizing towards racial justice, demand accountability for those who murdered Quanice Hayes and the truth about what happened to him on February 9, 2017. In solidarity with the family of Quanice Hayes, we join in their call for justice and transparency following the murder of their loved one by the police.

Quanice Hayes was 17 years old. His family describes him as a loving and affectionate son, cousin, and older brother. His friends describe him as adventurous and kind. He was loved. He is loved. And he will not be forgotten. We will not play witness as the state disposes of yet another young, Black person from our communities. His name is one in a list of far too many.

Portland Police officer Andrew Hearst shot and killed Quanice Hayes on February 9th, 2017, because, according to the police narrative, he “fit a description.” Portland Police refute that he was shot in the back, but they have not allowed the family to view the autopsy reports; Portland Police report finding a replica gun in the vicinity, but they have not allowed the family to see the police reports. This is not what transparency looks like.

We demand justice. We demand the truth. We demand an end to this system that devalues Black lives and upholds white supremacy through racist policing and state power structures imbued with anti-blackness. We will say his name: Quanice Hayes.

In solidarity and in mourning,

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ – PDX) Black Lives Matter Action Group and Strategic Direct Action Group


July 11, 2016

We visibly and loudly condemn racist police violence.

The Portland Chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice — a national network of groups and individuals organizing white people for racial justice — last night memorialized Black people who have been murdered by police locally and nationally. The memorial is a public art installation honoring victims of police violence, including Portlanders Kendra James, Keaton Otis, Aaron Campbell, and James Jahar Perez. With these posters we call for an immediate end to police violence. We call white people to join us in organizing for racial justice centered on and in solidarity with people of color.

We’re making this statement because we refuse to be complicit in state violence against people of color. We refuse to accept violence often perpetrated in our names. We are opposed to the fact that white people can get kudos for showing up for racial justice, while Black people and all people of color get targeted and even murdered. We recognize our privilege in being able to speak out with little to no repercussions. Our goal is to elevate and support people of color led organizing. We don’t want kudos; we want white people to fight for racial justice.

Through our Urgent Action for Black Lives we:

  • Honor the lives of Black and brown people who have been killed by police, their families and loved ones, and their vital place in our communities.

  • Join our collective voice to Black leadership, locally and nationally, in resistance.

  • Demand an immediate end to police violence.

  • Demand police accountability locally and nationally.

  • Specifically demand removal of the officers who wrongfully murdered Portland community members Kendra James, Aaron Campbell, Keaton Otis, James Jahar Perez and James Chasse Jr.

  • Invite white folks to join us in long-term organizing for racial justice and collective liberation (get on our base supporter email list, come to the social Aug 21st, join us for actions, give money to POC fundraisers, and consider joining our organizing longer term in the fall).

This action is one way we are adding our voice and our strength to the powerful local and nationwide outcry led by Black folks and non-Black people of color. We are committed to long-term solidarity with local POC leadership; we do our own work and leverage access to resources. Please join us as we build relationships, skills and political analysis to work effectively within multiracial movements for justice.

#BlackLivesMatter #WhiteSilenceIsViolence #ShowingUpForRacialJustice #WeDemandAccountability

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